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Ahhhh! I smell Spring!

Finally some sunshine and a dry yard!

I am a happy cat!

When the Can Opener got up and let me out this morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The backyard was all dry, and there wasn’t a drop of rain anywhere! It was still cold, but it was dry and the sun was out!

I told Sushi right away, and she went out to see for herself, but she doesn’t like the cold, so she came back in and searched out the Can Opener and catnapped her. Fine with me! I went out and chased squirrels and climbed trees and checked out the rooftop!

Sushi catnapped the Can Opener while she was on the computer.

After that, I found Mama (my feline mama) down by the stream and we chased the ducks and teased fish in the stream, and when Mama wanted to go her way, I went inside for a snack, and found a sunny spot on the bed and took a nap.

What a purrfect day!