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Time for the Tooth Fairy to Pay up!

Photo by Valeria Boltneva (Pexels)

Today the biggest Critter went to the dentist and had two teeth pulled. Poor thing was really, really not looking forward to it. The idea of someone sticking a needle in her mouth and yanking out a couple of teeth had her just a little freaked out. Some people just have no sense of adventure.

Now for the Flip Side…

Meet the (Real) Tooth Fairy…..

Here’s what you don’t know- When most people think of the Tooth Fairy, they envision somethig like this…

The “Tooth Fairy” everyone envisions…
The REAL (cat version) Tooth Fairy

What’s the difference? Glad you asked…

Supposedly the tooth fairy comes in the middle of the night and takes the tooth (the poor kid lost), and leaves a bundle of money under the pillow for the poor victim.

The real “tooth fairy” is the cat – who sniffs out the offending tooth that DARED to assault its human pet, slaps the holy tar out of the thing and plays hockey with it for a while, then finally buries it in the litter box.

Then goes out to hunt for a nice, fresh mouse to put under the pillow for a nice wake-up surprise.