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Today is Opposite Day!


What is Opposite Day?

Believe it or not, there actually is such a ‘holiday’ as Opposite Day! I’m getting desperate to distract the Can Opener with something new to think about, and I tried reminding her tax time was coming up- but that didn’t exactly have the effect I wanted. After I told her that, she randomly decided to check her wine supply. Weirdo.

Then I decided to try something different to make her forget that, so while she was making her lunch I sneaked onto her computer and discovered a holiday she didn’t know anything about. (This better earn me some treats)!

So, what Is “Opposite Day?”

Well, someone who must have been extremely bored decided to make a yearly holiday of doing the exact opposite of what they would normally do or saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. According to National Today, the earliest reference goes back to 1920 when President Calvin Coolidge made a statement that he did not want to run for election. And ever since, some have made January 25th every year a sort of fun holiday for pranking people- Here are a couple of suggestions for celebrating it;

  • Call in sick and show up anyway!
  • Say goodbye when greeting people

The point is, to do (or say) the exact opposite of whatever you would normally do (or intend to do).

So, Since I hate playing with my Can Opener, I’m NOT going to try at all to get her to play today (no matter what she tells you)… I’m going to trade places with Sushi today, and just sleep all day.

And Sushi plans to constantly bug the Can Opener to play with her today (to give me a day off).

What!? I’m taking a nap!
Geez- What do I have to do to get a nap around here?

Hey. I think I’m going to really love this holiday. Check out the link to learn more about it!