Twilight and Sushi’s kat9 News

When my older sister (Shrimp) was still with us, she had what she called Kat9 News.

Shrimp- Before the rainbow bridge. Still bossing me around!

Lately, my bratty sister has been sending me dreams from beyond the rainbow bridge demanding, I mean, asking that I speak for her now that she’s gone to Heaven to harass everybody up there.

Now what do I do!?

She said she would rain fire and brimstone down on me, I mean, “really appreciate it,” if I could start being her bratty mouthpiece, I mean, News Rep, since she’s stuck in Heaven now and can’t be naughty anymore. Boy- I’ll bet that’s gotta be rough!

So, I’m talking with Sushi, and we’re going to start taking turns writing for Shrimp’s Kat9 news- (because fire and brimstone would totally mess up our naps)!

We’d like to hear from you our readers- what is important to you? (It doesn’t mean we’re going to report on it, but Shrimp is making us ask). So let’s do a poll, shall we? Tell us what you’d most like to see and we’ll do our best after we figure out how to manage our napping / eating schedules too!

  1. It is now May 17th – I pray things with you are going well and you are just busy!


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