Caturday Mouse Hunting Tv!

Bring the popcorn and treats, Human!

Movie time for Twilight!

Start the popcorn and bring the treats, human! I’m going to sharpen my techniques in this educational mouse hunting video and then go outside and catch you a couple of big, juicy ones for dinner!

Don’t forget to set the table!


Okay, so I love the Tiny One. My Bad.

So she stole my heart. Deal with it.

Okay, I never imagined I would ever say this about a tiny little grabby-pawed tornado, but this one surprised me. She’s different. It’s like one day she realized that I really am a living, breathing kitty with feelings and she started trying to not scare me, and then she wanted to start feeding me treats, and all of a sudden, I have a tiny human best friend.

So, now, I always (carefully) come out to say hello when I hear her tiny little voice in the mornings, and she always rushes over to pet me and give me treats. (I knew this little thing could come in handy one day)! So now, I stay near her -(when the Can Opener is close-by, just in case she gets a little TOO happy, and loud and friendly and starts chasing me again).

So the last time she was here, I waited until the human was going to help her practice writing and learning new things, and then I made sure to let them know they had my approval, by rubbing my scent all over her workbook. This also served the purpose of letting them both know I wanted to play. You know, to break up the monotony of all that tedious learning stuff that kids don’t want to do because they want to play. You’re welcome, human. I call it helping her learn…(how to please the cat).

Knowing the difference between ‘real’ and ‘pretend’ situations
Helping her learn to use the computer and work on her math lessons.
Knowing what does or doesn’t belong together
Watercolor / making new colors

Best of all, she’s also learning how to take care of kitties and learning to read our body language. She’s actually getting pretty good at it- I think Sushi and I are pretty good teachers (but we let the human take the credit)…okay. I guess Abby and Serafina get credit too, since they are here kitties when she’s home. Not bad for a little Critter.

Whiny Wednesday

Sushi here- with a few complaints.

I’m not very happy with my Human right now.

She kept ducking over to the next door neighbor’s house yesterday after being busy with the critters all day. I was not happy. You see, as the senior cat around here (and the smartest, if you ask me), I do not appreciate the rivals for my (constant) demands for attention.

And, what’s more, when she got home last night (with a doughnut) – not only did she not give me any, but she proceeded to tell me that her sister is having surgery today, so instead of staying here to give me her attention, guess where she plans to be? That’s RIGHT- helping her sister!!

that’s NOT FAIR!!!!

In addition to that, she is threatening to put me on a diet, and (finish) trimming my claws when she gets back. This is completely unacceptable.

I look to Twilight for some backup, but she’s so busy prowling around outside on the playset, that she can’t take the time to help me convince the human that she belongs right here- petting me and spoiling me. See what I mean? I got some pictures to prove how UNhelpful Twilight is- what a cat brat!

Grow up, Sushi- I’ve got my own issues to deal with…
…Like how the heck do I get down from here?!
Well geez, brat. Thanks a lot.

I’ll just take a nap and deal with you later!
We WILL talk about this later, flea.

Twilight Tuesday

Me and my favorite snake

Twilight Zone: Pictures of Cute little Me

I asked my Can Opener to take more pictures of me since I’m not that good at selfies yet – because I don’t think there are enough of them on my blog since Sushi came along. Yeah, she’s cute, and we like each other, but dangit, I WAS HERE FIRST!

So she complied, and I chose the pictures I wanted. She wanted to dress me up in the Critters’ doll’s clothes, but I showed her my extra sharp claws and she immediately reconsidered.

I told her NO pictures of Sushi! Well, Sushi didn’t appreciate that, but I’ll deal with her later. Meanwhile, here’s my favorite pictures!

Hope you like my pictures! Sushi is demanding her turn. If she has her way, tomorrow it’ll be all about her!

Ahhhh! I smell Spring!

Finally some sunshine and a dry yard!

I am a happy cat!

When the Can Opener got up and let me out this morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The backyard was all dry, and there wasn’t a drop of rain anywhere! It was still cold, but it was dry and the sun was out!

I told Sushi right away, and she went out to see for herself, but she doesn’t like the cold, so she came back in and searched out the Can Opener and catnapped her. Fine with me! I went out and chased squirrels and climbed trees and checked out the rooftop!

Sushi catnapped the Can Opener while she was on the computer.

After that, I found Mama (my feline mama) down by the stream and we chased the ducks and teased fish in the stream, and when Mama wanted to go her way, I went inside for a snack, and found a sunny spot on the bed and took a nap.

What a purrfect day!

I demand a chicken.

Sushi won’t play with me. So I want a CHICKEN!

The Can Opener says “NO WAY!”

What’s a Can Opener? HELP!

I’m tired of trying to get the Whale (Miss Sassypants)- to play with me only to have her swat the holy fleas off me and pounce on me. That thing is a flipping boulder. I may as well have a dinosaur stomping on me. She gets all hissy and pounces on me, so I defend myself like any self respecting cat would, then she flies to the human and acts all wounded and pathetic. That’s it!

I WANT A CHICKEN! Not fried -(they’re no fun to play with)- I want one to chase! But boy, those things sure look silly. And they run fast, and since they only eat corn they won’t be after my fancy feast or whipped cream or treats. What’s more, they can fly (a few inches)- so that promises to be a lot of fun when I chase them. I think I want a rooster. Yep. That’s it. Why?

Because a rooster can chase Sushi away from my food, and he can’t crush me! I also won’t have any more trouble getting her out of bed on her days off.


Friday Fab Felines

I’m still WAITING…

Before I get to the other fabulous felines…

I just have to say, I have a complaint. Yep. Whether she realizes it or not, the Primary Can Opener around here is the Complaint Dept. I would think the critters have already made that abundantly clear. But somehow she remains clueless. At least where I’m concerned. Why, you say?

Well, for example, I’ve been sitting here patiently in front of the Kuerig all flipping morning, asking for a cup of coffee. But she doesn’t get it. I think that’s unfair. I have a constitutional RIGHT to the purrsuit of happiness, and I’ve been purrsuing coffee all morning and she just helps herself to a cup the size of Texas, and I have to lick whatever drippings the Kuerig leaves behind. I am not pleased. Time to get a refund.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my furry little chest, I think I’d better introduce you to some fabulous felines (not as fabulous as me, sorry)- before my frustration boils over and I scratch her to ribbons. Then I’ll be grounded (no pun intended) from treats too. She’s so clueless.

Thanks for stopping by!

Dang. I missed.

I thought I was in the perfect position.

Next time, I’ll get it. Wait and See!

Poor human. She really thinks I snuggled up here in the cubby on the desk just to be near her while she works on the computer! I’d be laughing if it wasn’t so pathetic. The truth is, it’s a little chilly in here, because she’s a fresh air fiend, and the plan actually was to “accidentally” dip my tail in her warm blueberry tea.

Wouldn’t you know, she happened to look over just in time to move her cup and spoil my plans. But that’s okay- because my next target is Jazlyn’s furry pen she left here on the desk yesterday. Actually, if the human hadn’t moved the teacup, I wouldn’t have noticed how irresistably fluffy it is. It’s just BEGGING to be attacked! Meanwhile, I’ll just lay here and pretend to be asleep until she gets up for another cup of tea-

Or, if I’m really lucky (and her tummy feels better), she may make some popcorn and I can help her eat it! Oh….NO!

Forget it, Sushi!

Twilight saw the furry pen! And she’ll help herself to any popcorn the human makes too- before I can even get up!


Oh great. Now I have to chase out the psycho!

The Two Tornadoes Return

The Tiny Tornado loves me

A day of cuddles and back scratches!

The two tornadoes are back! The big one was busy visiting with the Can Opener in between schoolwork- while she was doing that, the Tiny one started petting me and scratching my back and keeping me company.

She watched some cat videos on her phone on YouTube and tried to let me watch them with her! But I’m not really into watching cat videos, because, well, I’m a cat. I’ve already seen it all!!😹 And besides, I’m cuter than any of those videos. And my human doesn’t have to embarrass me to show it.

Oh my fleas! The PURRRRRRRFECT backrub! I think I’ll keep her.