Twilight’s Thursday Report

Yesterday held a surprise- but it ended in great news!

It was a happy day for most of yesterday, as the Can Opener was busy with the Critters visiting and helping them with their schoolwork- but then a neighbor’s daughter came to see her Mom, crying because something happened to her step- daughter that morning which she had just moments before been notified of.

Her 16 year old step-daughter had taken the second shot of the covid vaccine – she had taken the first shot and had ‘problems’ with it- but she wanted to enroll in the nearby Community College, and was told that she wasn’t able to enroll unless she got both of the shots. Her step-daughter is 16 years old, and her parents were not consulted before she was told she had to take the vaccine if she wanted to attend classes.

So, she took the second shot and the next thing they knew, her stepmother got a call a few hours later from the girl’s father, saying she had been rushed to the hospital, and “is dying…bleeding out.”

The girl’s Mom couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, neither could her mom. The Human and her friend dropped everything else they were doing to comfort the Mom- (no name being disclosed to protect their privacy)…

And while Mom cried, not even being able to visit the girl, and anxiously awaited any further news, the Human started taking care of her little one and invited her to have lunch and play with our Critters, so she could talk privately and try to calm down.

Soon the little tiny ones were happily distracted and playing, and the our Human encouraged her and asked if she would like prayer. Well, she welcomed prayer, so the three of them prayed for the young girl who was hemhorraging that the bleeding would stop and she will recover.

“Mom” was still waiting hours later for an update on her daughter’s condition, and there was a call from her Dad saying they were going to give her a blood transfusion and take her to surgery to try to stop the bleeding. “Dad” also said they intended to “remove her uterus.”

I saw all the grown up humans look at each other with a big question written all over their faces- “Why?” She’s only 16! Letting that sink in for a moment, with the realization that this young girl was in danger of dying and also losing the abiltity to have any children of her own, I got nervous. I could tell they didn’t like what they were hearing.

I ran for the nearest tree and tried to dig a hole to disappear into …
Our human just did everything she could to keep Mom as calm as she could and the little ones happily occupied.

When the Critters went home for the day, there still was no further news, so the human went about her usual routine, and kept praying for the daughter as much as she was able. Late last night, when she was already half asleep, she got a message that they had avoided surgery, and had stopped the bleeding and she was back at home with her dad!

That’s the last report from last night. It was great news- but there was more news today. And we are still waiting to hear what happens next. This girl and her family still need prayer. Thank you to those who pray for her and her family!

Image by Irina Ilina from Pixabay


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