Well, here we go again.

Maybe if I jump on her from up here…

I’m desperate to play, and that whale Sushi is snoring.

Once again it’s pouring rain outside, the winds are gusty, and I’m bored out my mind. Of course, for the humans though, it’s the end of a long, exhausting day and they’re ready for bed. The Critters were here all day long (which is probably why the Can Opener can’t wait to get to bed)- and I enjoyed all kinds of cuddles when they were here.

But I still want to play golf with the human. She rolls the golf ball to me, and I swat it back to her over and over until I get tired. At least, that’s one of my favorite things to do with her, but Lily always finds my golf balls, and the Can Opener has to take them away from her and hide them “from Lily” so she can’t break a window or something with them.

The problem is, she forgets where she hid them! So then I look for my ping pong balls, but they’re all under the bed. And no matter how pathetically I ask, the Can Opener won’t go digging around under the bed while Human #2 is trying to sleep. I don’t know why not- I do it all the time. That’s how I find so many treats to tear up- like his new iPhone ear buds- (those things are a blast)! And random reciepts that crinkle when I swat them- and some of the human’s hair ties- but I never find my golf balls, or any other really cool things to play with like bugs, or lizards, or snakes.

There’s got to be something fun up here somewhere…

And of course, Sushi the whale is curled up (on MY BED) snoring all this time and has no sense of humor at all about me swatting her to get her to play.

Snoring Sushi

Well, everything’s about to shut down over here now- so I guess my wild party willl have to wait for another night. *Sigh* It’s rough being a cat.


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