Sushi’s Sunday Sassy Cats

I’m not the only one with Cattitude, people.

But I do my best to outshine the rest! They say I strut around like royalty, and am quick to shout out a MEOWWWW! When they get within 10 inches of my tail. They say that when the Can Opener is getting ready to take her shower at night, I get in her spot on the bed, curl up right where she needs to lay her head, then growl and hiss when she comes to bed and tries to move me.

They’re absolutely right. I do these things and more. And I do it, because I’m a feline. That’s my job. In ancient Rome, we cats were considered sacred. In Egypt we were worshipped – and now they expect us to just get up and give them our favorite spots in the house?

Not going to happen. We love to be petted and adored, and to own the internet, but we never forget who we really are. We are royal felines- and we are entitled to the best spots on the bed, treats on demand, and to yell if we don’t want to be handled so our comfy spot can be taken away.

And, we’re going to speak our mind when we’re not happy about things. Even the lowly humans do that, so why shouldn’t we?

And humans don’t like to have their naps interrupted- neither do we. That’s why we lay on the phone. You can’t answer it if you can’t find it. And I wouldn’t recommend trying to pick up a cat while its sleeping on your phone.

Also- What does it matter Who made the mess? Human, clean it up. In Rome and Egypt, royal servants cleaned up after us. They still do. Just sayin.’

And yes, if I was left overnight at the Vet’s, my human wouldn’t be the only one to discover that isn’t smart.

So I say Celebrate Cattitude! We deserve it!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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