Cats vs. dogs

Everyone’s wanting our Human to get a dog. We’re not going to let that happen.

But Mom- we don’t want a dog.

Here’s why- Twilight doesn’t want a dog because they make too much noise and they’re bigger than her. And they’ll eat out of our litterbox, and they’ll bark and give us fleas, and steal your attention from US, and they’ll eat our food- and steal your attention from us, and I don’t want a dog because, well- it’s a D.O.G.

And, in case I forgot to mention it, they’ll STEAL YOUR ATTENTION FROM US. And they’ll beg for your food when you eat (worse than I do)- and they’ll get the kids all hyper and they’ll steal my spot on the couch, and they’ll eat Twilight’s bed, and your cute unicorn slippers, and they’ll knock over the trash can and blame us for it- and you KNOW we’re too cute and innocent to do that stuff– and they might even BITE YOU! 😿

And mom, they’re about as bright as burned- up candle. I mean, have you seen one of those things lately?

And, as if that’s not enough, they’ll break things, or eat the couch and then blame us for it, and we’ll have to try to prove our innocence, and you’re a tough one to convince, so how about we just forget that idea? Okay?

And also he’ll plot and scheme to get rid of us before we can do it to him – I mean, really, mom- it would be a CAT-astrophe! Just forget it, okay?


11 thoughts on “Cats vs. dogs

  1. While mee likess Poochiess mee wuud not bee abell to live with one. There iss not enuff room fore starterss! An mee wuud not tant to have mee kibbell an snax on counter…..
    Poochiess are hard werk….more than even us deelitefull Feliness!
    Guud Luck Sushi an Twilight….wee hopess Missus Cee-O seess yore point of view (from on top of kitchen cupberds)!!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Mol!😹 Yes- and we cats are self care- the Can op-en-neer doesn’t need to make time to walk us or bathe us- and can you imagine her trying to walk Mt. Sushi? Mol! That would be a sight to see!


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