I just found out I’m on the Naughty List…

Sushi must have ratted me out.

The Can Opener had a suspicion

So she started doing some research. She asked Mr.Google what is the most talkative cat- and my name was in the list. Along with these other breeds of cats:

Siamese are listed as the most talkative and that we talk all day! (I thought that was a good thing- because otherwise, this dim-witted Can Opener will never figure out what I’m asking for).

Photo by Miguel F. on Unsplash

Oriental Shorthairs These are said to purr extremely loud and have a loud voice -(but my voice is dainty and cute)…

Image by Tania Van den Berghen from Pixabay

Sphynx These guys are vocal too, and have a raspy voice that insists on being heard- they sing and chirp too! Looks like this one met up with a vacuum cleaner in a dark alley.

Image by Vincent Simard from Pixabay

Burmese These guys are talkative too, and also have a slight raspy voice, but they aren’t as loud as the rest of us. Apparently they’re very affectionate, too -(like me).

Image by Алексей Боярских from Pixabay

So, what does this have to do with me being on a ‘naughty list?’

Well, my breed (Siamese) was also mentioned in other lists of cat characteristics….(along with other cat breeds).

Besides being on the list for the most talkative, I was also mentioned on the list of friendliest cat breeds, the cats with the most personality, most intelligent cat breeds, the breed of cats that want the most attention, and the Naughtiest Cat breeds!!

I had no idea that trying to open the microwave was being “naughty-” The Can Opener does it all the time, and nobody complains about her!

I sure hope Santa hasn’t seen that list!

Well then, I guess I’ll just be adorable AND naughty!


12 thoughts on “I just found out I’m on the Naughty List…

  1. Razzles … our newest cat … we’ve had her since July … people said “beware” they are naughty cats! I looked it up online and I read that too … Razzles (so far knock on wood) is not naughty … but she does “talk” (chirp) a lot to try to have conversation with me and she is VERY playful. I have yet to see her try to open the microwave …. although I have seen The Secret Life of Pets so who knows whats going on when I’m not home LOL 🙀

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    1. Yes- Usually “naughty” happens when they’re bored and lonely and wanting attention- and Twilight is everything they say about Siamese cats- loving, playful, super affectionate and talks constantly- i love her talking- her meow sounds so dainty and sweet!

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  2. Concatulatuons Twilight!!! Wee can bee speshell an notty twogether!!!
    Mee iss an Oriental Shorthair an you a Meezer! What a deelitefull pair wee make 😉
    BellaSita has had THE top 3 breedss you named so mee asked her to rate us from noisest to leest an here iss her list:
    Loudest: Burmese (‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha)
    2nd Loudest: Siamese (‘angel’ Grate Aunty Mingflower)
    3rd Loudest: MEE!!!!!!! HURRAH!!!!
    Aren’t wee wudnerfull Twilight????
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum

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  3. All 6 of us Angel Meezers were conversationalists…esp Toki and Minko.
    Some of us were little naughty boys, too…but the diva, Miss Suki had the worst smacky paws!
    But all were loveable and cuddly and sweet(most of the time)…
    Our first kitty Groucho was an expert at opening cupboards,and Minko would get on our kitchen island and get the drawer open…to access the stored away catnip mice. Pecretary would find them later, and knew it was Minko, because the labels were still attached, MOL!

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    1. Mol! I love to get in the kitchen cupboards (where she keeps the clean dishes)- whenever I can- (Sushi can’t even jump on the counter)- unfortunately, The Can opener opende the cupboard one day and saw me sitting on the plates all nice and cozy and she RUINED it for me! Now she always makes sure the cabinets stick closed- so now I hop on top of the fridge-and the cabinets over the fridge- and look for things to knock down (Preferably on top of Sushi’s head)-

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