Twilight Tuesday

Me and my favorite snake

Twilight Zone: Pictures of Cute little Me

I asked my Can Opener to take more pictures of me since I’m not that good at selfies yet – because I don’t think there are enough of them on my blog since Sushi came along. Yeah, she’s cute, and we like each other, but dangit, I WAS HERE FIRST!

So she complied, and I chose the pictures I wanted. She wanted to dress me up in the Critters’ doll’s clothes, but I showed her my extra sharp claws and she immediately reconsidered.

I told her NO pictures of Sushi! Well, Sushi didn’t appreciate that, but I’ll deal with her later. Meanwhile, here’s my favorite pictures!

Hope you like my pictures! Sushi is demanding her turn. If she has her way, tomorrow it’ll be all about her!


7 thoughts on “Twilight Tuesday

  1. How nice that you have a pet snake……! We love your favorite photos and see why they are your faves……..the funniest thing is those two bathing kitties at the end – how ADORABLE is that !!!!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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