What a Wednesday!

It was a beautiful, warm day- until l saw Twilight’s Mama on my favorite spot in the yard!
She was sitting there making eyes at Our Human Can Opener, waiting for Twilight to come back from the stream.
I gave her a warning look, and she just stared right back at me, because she knows she has our Can Opener wrapped around her little paws.

I’m not sure I like this little arrangement.

But I have to deal with it – because they were here first. And the first time I went to approach “Mama” and give her some ground rules, both Twilight and the Human Can Opener intervened. But I still gave her my warning look- you know, the one that says,
“Hey there wild one- I could sit on you and crush you. And by the way, this is MY yard now.”

But of course, the Human ruined my practiced “Get Lost” look, by reaching down and saying in that condesending baby voice humans use, “Oh, Sushi-boo! You’re so cute!”

Gee, Thanks.

I was so embarrased! How can I scare her away with my human cooing, “you’re so cute, Susi-boo!” No cat will take me seriously now. And I could’ve sworn I heard a snicker from “Mama” when I turned to go inside and see if my food dish had refilled. It has not been a good day. My reputation is ruined! So, I did what any self respecting cat would do, and I went inside to eat and take a long nap.

Later, I decided to hang out in the front yard to avoid running into “Mama”- and Twilight came to try and make me play. Not a good move.

Of course, right when I was about to smack Twilight, that darn human intervened again! She just isn’t cooperating at all today.


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