Meme Tuesday (The Argument)

Sorry Sushi- Today it’s all about Siamese kitties. Tomorrow will be about calicos / tortoiseshells- whatever you are.

It’s all about my breed today. Sorry, Sushi.

Our human has been researching Siamese kitties. She is so in love with my (adorable) breed that she wants to do some posts about us, because we’re so smart and active, and talkative and entertaining she thinks everyone should have at least one siamese kitty.

When Sushi heard about this, she got jealous. “What’s wrong with me?” she asked. Well, nothing- but you’re not siamese. “I can be if I want to!” she said. Hmmmm. How does that work?

I tried to explain it all to her and she listened for a few minutes but then it was thundering and she ran away -(as fast as a boulder can run, that is). So I went to see where she was “running” to, and discovered it was only her food dish.

Yep. Her tummy growled and I thought it was thunder. My bad.

So, since today is Tuesday (still the start of the workweek for humans and they get all depressed about that)- I decided that today’s blog will be siamese cat memes! We siamese cats are great for relaxing our humans and giving them reasons to smile. So here we go!

*Siamese? Not sure- Cattitude, Heck yes!

I caught Sushi snoring!!!


7 thoughts on “Meme Tuesday (The Argument)

  1. Katsu and Pawsephone are both part Siamese … I’m thinking Katsu is the talkative part and Pawsephone is the grumpier sort…. both have non-crossed blue eyes.

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      1. Mr. Rom was before my time, but he left a big space to fill. Did you know mom and Mr. M based the character Xander de Hunter on Mr. Rom? If you’re interested, the series is family furiendly Xanders fans are age 2- 107 AND the ebooks are all free on Smashwords this month (summer reading sale) Kazza’s trilogy is also free – if you’re interested in them, just scroll down on any of mom’s book pages and you’ll find a link.
        Purrseidon (PS: Mr. M wrote me in as Mischief beginning in Purr-a-Noia, which is when I moved in.)


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