Twilight’s Tuesday Therapy

You need to play with me more, Can Opener…

Play with your cats, or else…

Hey, humans- I know some of you are wound up tighter than a cheap clock these days- but did you know that we cats (and other pets you have) can feel your tension and anxiety too?

Humans use different things to relieve their stress- like vegging out in front of the tv (which can also cause stress)- getting on social media (which not only can drain hours out of your day, but can also add to your stress), and play video games (which can be good- but not for endless hours)… and some do better things like spending time with friends, reading, and exercise- or better yet, going to the beach, parks, or any place that is fun and relaxing.

But in case you never thought about it, there isn’t a lot your pets can do to relieve their anxiety if they are indoor pets, and particularly if you are preoccupied with other things and don’t spend time playing and interacting with them.

Did you know that playing and interacting with your pets helps relieve their feelings of loneliness and anxiety? It not only makes them happier, and gives them some exercise and stimulation, but it’s great for helping you to relax, feel less lonely and anxious, and even lowers your blood pressure!

And just as people don’t like to be ignored, or feel lonely, neither does your cat.

And like people, when cats get bored and lonely- they just might take matters into their own paws… *just sayin’. *

The real reason for the toilet paper ‘shortage.’

And if your cat gets jealous because you spend too much time on the computer, well- he might decide to do something to get your attention…

You’ve been warned!

And if you get too busy to feed the cat, watch out when you go to fridge again- you may get an unpleasant reminder that the cat wants to eat too…

Just a subtle reminder….

And if you don’t play with your cat, they will find other ways to get their exercise and entertainment…

Open the door, Human. We have a guest for lunch!

Trust me, it’s just easier to play with your cat in the first place!


11 thoughts on “Twilight’s Tuesday Therapy

  1. Good advice and therapeutic as well…for all!

    Our Minko was a cord chewer and he destroyed many, including an apple computer power cord…that was expensive to replace…silly kitty! I miss that rascal!

    Pipo would vocalize so you had to pay him attention, else it got louder, LOL!

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  2. Furabuluss advice Twilight. BellaSita Mum will hang out on Pee C alot sum dayss. Mee will tap her foot with mee paw an then shee playss with mee or wee go snuggell inn bed.
    Wee play stick toyss an Firefly (Lazer Toy) efurry nite beefore bed. Amd wee due watch SWAT (mee-yow wow Mistur Shemar…) an Heartbeat from U-Kay…
    An wee due bloggie twogether πŸ˜‰
    Grate advice Twilight…wee MOL/LOL over Toilet Papurr shortage foto!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mee was nevurr one fore toilet papurr an mee will play with THE rollss a bit…but Papurr Towel rollss are furry kewl…you mite like to try one Twilight!!!
        They are f\grate fore ‘bunny kickin’ πŸ˜‰


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