It’s a NEW BOX – just for me! (Sushi get your own)!

A Sunny day, a new box, and the Can Opener!

When I heard the knock at the door, I darted under the bed, because it was a hard, loud knock- but a few seconds later after the Can Opener answered the door, I smelled something delicious coming from that big box. It was more of my favorite food! But then, when the bag came out, there were big sheets of pawsome brown paper inside (I LOVE CRINKLY PAPER)- And before the Can Opener walked away with the food, I pounced into the box to try it out!

I claimed it immediately! Then I hinted at the Can Opener to put some more tissue paper in it and the next thing I knew, I was having the time of my life!

Sushi, however, isn’t impressed with the box- (she has her own favorite)- So I had fun circling under the flaps of the box and swiping at my favorite wand toy (with all the pretty bows that I just can’t seem to untie- yet) … Give me time, and I’ll untie every one of those pretty bows!

Sushi on the other hand, was just watching the show. And bathing. And bathing. And BATHING…

And barking at the Can Opener to come brush and cuddle her.
Now I’m all played out. But I informed the human that the box STAYS.


39 thoughts on “A New BOX! PARTYTIME!

  1. What a furabuluss box Twilight!!! If only a sirtain Hu’man here did not trip over thingss….**sighss**
    Issn’t tisshue papurr GRATE??? Mee lovess it so much!!!
    An then throw inn sum kewl toyss an iss like goin to THE Cir-cuss!!!
    Sushi you are so ADOORBSS loungin while groomin….Mee has to try that sum day!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ***giggellss** BellaSita Mum

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      1. I have all my favorites under the fridge and the bed and the couch. Now I have to con the Can Opener into getting them out for me so I can swat them all back under there!


      2. Seemss wee are inn THE amae ‘boat’ so to meow Missus Cee-O.
        Wee udnerstand…take all THE time you an Sushi need.
        BellaSita Mum will not let mee outta her site! Even when shee sleepss shee keepss wakin up to check on mee!


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