Sushi’s Whiny Wednesday

They woke me up for this?

These people are obsessed with me!

Good heavens! No matter where I go in this house to take a nap, somebody just has to track me down and wake me up! I love to snuggle up with the Can Opener on the couch, but the problem is, she never sits still long enough for me to get a decent nap. She’s constantly getting up and down.

And when the little Critters are here, they stalk me – they search for me under the bed and pull me out- and the Tiny One sits her Barbies on my back as though I’m a horse and follows me when I try to get away for some peace.

If I go outside to lounge in the grass, she comes out and picks little wildflowers and drops them on my head and back. If I flap my tail and give her a warning hiss, she laughs and thinks it’s “cute!”

If I get up and walk over to her toys and lay on them to flatten them (as a warning)- she grabs a phone and takes A PICTURE!! I just can’t win!

How’s a cat supposed to get any respect around here when everything I do is “Cute?”

I’m done being “cute!” After my nap, I’m going to set them straight! But for now, I’m tired.

23 thoughts on “Sushi’s Whiny Wednesday

  1. You are very cute. My Joanie says at least you don’t have to dress up as a nurse or a princess which is what my great-nieces make her do. Although, she seems to enjoy it.

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      1. That’s for sure- Will try her best to not touch her food until she gets “an appetizer” of treats or Redi Whip-(she stares at me with the evil eye if I ignore her her demand)! 😸


  2. EEKKKK you sure have a lot to live with Sushi….it iss hard to train Hu’manss to sit still…..I find *purrin* while on BellaSita Mum’ss werkss REELLY well…..mee has napped on her for allmost 2 hourss…pretty guud rite???
    Thanxfullee no wee Hu’man Kittss here. (Mee does not like screechy Hu’man Kittss!!!)
    **purrss** BellaDharma

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