Sushi’s Nip-Crazed Caturday

Oh, I’m so HAPPY!

She bought us CATNIP!!

We’ve had problems with our internet connection for the last couple of days- for some reason, everytime we have stormy weather here, the internet goes out. So Twilight and I have been itching to get our paws on the laptop again -(she to complain, me to brag)!

Image by Daniel Wanke from Pixabay

It’s been pouring rain for the last couple of days- (on and off all day long)- and Twilight has been miserable since she couldn’t go outside (without getting wet).

So this morning the Can Opener brought out the catnip and I got so EXCITED! But not Twilight-

I don’t understand why you act so silly with that stuff, Sushi- it’s just GRASS!

Twilight thinks I’m crazy for loving this stuff- so when Mom brought it out she just stared at me like I’m a lunatic, while I rolled all over the rug and got crazy. It was the most fun I’ve had in a whole week!

Twilight lost interest in playing after Mom brought out the catnip and decided to go out in the rain after all and intimidate a squirrel or two. That’s fine with me, because after I got tired of playing, it was grooming and cuddle time (my favorite)!

Mom said all this fur could’ve ended up in my tummy making me sick!

Why did she say she could make a whole new cat from this?

She listened to this guy- maybe you should too!


28 thoughts on “Sushi’s Nip-Crazed Caturday

  1. You are lucky your mom brushes you. I wish you would stay indoors even on sunny days. If you don’t like nip, try silvervine- my one cat that didn’t like nip loves the silvervine. XO


  2. It’s been rainy here, too. More of a drizzle than a downpour. Rumble, Katsu and I ignore it, so we enjoy outdoor time, but Merlin and Pawsephone act like seeing a drop is a death threat!
    Purrseidon, who thinks this is nuts because Paws never, ever misses an opportunity for a shower and/or to ‘accidentally’ fall into a bubblebath! Might be the grass with her, not the drizzle.

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      1. Hmmmmm…. We have a lot of rain in what we call our ‘rainy season’ (coincides with ‘hurricane season’ – June to November) Right now, we’ll get a bit of rain, but not what Mom calls a ‘gully washer’…. Loads of sun, many days without clouds.


  3. Mew me wmew Twilight mee was same as you ’bout THE Nip. Then BellaSita Mum brott home YEOWY MEOWY CATNIP!!!
    An mee getss just as silly as Sushi!!! Let’ss rock an ROLL Sushi…. 😉
    An wee hope yore Inntynet does not go out again!
    Happy Meowmy’ss Day to Missus Cee-O
    ~~~head rubss~~~ BellaDharma~~~ an ❤ BellaSita Mum

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      1. No not yet- the Can Opener has been in a lot of pain the last couple of days which is why she wouldn’t type for me and Sushi until today. Even today she has to get up every 15 minutes and move around and come back to it – IT band syndrome is not nice.


      2. What iss I-Tea Band Syndrome Twilight?? Mee must get BellaSita Mum to reesearch this!!
        Missus cee-O mee sendd you dubbel POTP an BellaSita sendss you white light of healin!
        ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an gentell {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum


      3. It is very painful. I have had it since my husband died- actually since about December when he first got the blood clot in his leg and had to go to the hospital and everything exploded. Up until then I was working out a minimum of 3 days a week (mostly 5 days)- then suddenly I was spending time going back and forth to the hospitals, walking all over the hospitals and then sitting at his bedside for long hours- not working out when I got home either, out of exhaustion and pain from prolonged sitting.

        It got worse when treatment didn’t work and he was sent home for hospice care. And after his passing, I was still trying to recover from everything and was still in too much pain (and too numb) to even be able to work out.
        Now the ligaments are all tight and shortened and I can no longer stand or sit for more than about 15 min. at a time without being in serious pain. I’m still getting physical therapy and am planning to try working out again as soon as I can. Apparently it’s going to take a while.


      4. You sure have been thru so much Missus Cee-O. Even tho’ wee not know you long wee feel liek wee due. You went thru such a ruff an sad time.
        BellaSita Mum toetally understandss. Shee said shee wuud nevurr marry again beecause sayin “Guud Bye” iss too diffycult an twice was enuff.
        Wee are sendin you POTP an white lite of ehalin’ an pawsitive vibess that you will bee improve……
        ~~head rubss~~BellaDahrma~~ an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

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      5. Missus Cee-O mee can meow to you BellaSita Mum iss THE same. When her Costo inn Rib CAge iss so seevere an her kneess are throbbin in pain an her Sacro Jointss are all swollen shee ISS THE Pain!!!
        Wee so sorry you goin thru’ this….
        Wee send white lite of healin an more purrayerss!!

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  4. All of us angel kitties went nuts just like you, Sushi! Some more than others, but they all had zone-out times in the nip.

    I had fun seeing your go nip-out nutzo, Sush!! LOL!

    Twilight, maybe that silvervine would tease your senses? Some cats even enjoy valerian, which is another herb. Minko always tried to play with the empty valerian bottles if there was one…not sure if he liked the smell, or just the thing he could stick his paw in to explore, LOL!

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    1. I don’t tolerate much brushing- but then my fur is short so I don’t need it as much as the boulder does. Her fur is ENDLESS! She gets brushed several times a day to prevent hairballs and the fur just never ends!

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