I have to retrain the Human.

It’s been busy around here today. AGAIN! And I want my cuddle time!

I’m claiming my play and snuggle time now!

Our human Can Opener is doing well, but has been busy cleaning up a big mess in the kitchen for the last two days. That’s because there was a bad problem under the kitchen sink, and the management is installing a new kitchen sink and new countertops- and the human is delighted about that- but not too crazy about all the dust and sawdust that seems to find its way all over everything no matter how hard the workers (and she) works to keep it at bay.

Today she was coughing constantly (while they were working)- but she’s not sick. So after they left, she declared war on the dust- she has been cleaning ever since they left today. She did the same thing yesterday too. But they’re coming back to “finish up” tomorrow!

I’ve been calling to her to stop and baby me, and let me tell you, if I had a treat for every time she said to me yesterday and today, “Okay Sushi- give me a few more minutes…” I’d be sitting on a mountain of treats higher than Mount Everest!

So I’m taking matters into my own paws now!

Twilight and I had a discussion today- (well, I talked, she slept)… but still- as soon as she wakes up, we’re going to put a stop to all this cleaning, because we want our cuddles and our routine back more than the Can Opener wants her kitchen back, and everything put back where it belongs. Any ideas?


22 thoughts on “I have to retrain the Human.

    1. I gave her a lot of help yesterday- I walked across everything in the kitchen so she could see my pawprints and know where she needed to clean- but Sushi was an even bigger help- she went in the kitchen and plopped down in the floor, and when she (eventually) got up, Mom could be see a big, round clean spot where she had been! Then she started cleaning all over again! 😺 So glad we were able to help her out!

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  1. I agree with MM&TW …. yes tail swooshies for sure! Paw prints also would work….. but might not help when it comes to actually getting any treats ….

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      1. Well, he was supposed to come back today to do some painting- but so far he hasn’t shown. Can Opener is going to at least get things back in the cabinets where they were before and get things in order again. She hates clutter!


      2. Clutter is depressing, and exhausting! And especially if you aren’t living in a huge house- Normally it’s never cluttered- so this is getting corrected today whether he comes back today or not!


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