The Cat Scoop

So here’s the scoop on what’s been happening with us neighborhood cats lately…

We’ve been away for a while, so I’m here to give the latest cat update!

Our Can Opener has had a lot of bumps in the road lately that has slowed her down a bit when it comes to typing for us. For one, she has been trying to take time to prepare for upcoming birthdays (not to mention, Christmas). October would have been her hubby’s birthday- which he now is celebrating in heaven and not here on earth anymore. One of their daughters’ birthday was the week before, and knowing that he was not going to be here to celebrate with them had a way of putting a literal “shadow of death” over the festivities.

She was excited about their daughters’ birthday- but knowing she would be alone the following week on his birthday made things difficult. But as it turned out, the Critters’ parents knew that day was going to be hard for her and they had some surprise plans up their sleeve for her! So it turned out to be a day full of love, fun, and games and just being thankful that he is no longer suffering, and that helped a lot.

We are finding that just because weeks and months pass, doesn’t somehow make the pain of loss disappear. It has a way of sneaking up on a person when they least expect it.

But back to us cats- Smokey now owns the Can Opener’s sister, and has wasted no time in informing Sheba that she has been dethroned. You could say they had an election of their own, and there’s a new boss in town. Sheba is protesting LOUDLY.

In fact, she gets so mad at him getting snuggles from her human, that she storms out of their house, and comes into ours, just to protest! She walks up to our human, rubs against her leg, and then when our Mom bends down to pet her, she hisses and scratches her ankle just to make her pay! She knows it’s because of our human, that her Mom has adopted Smokey!

King of the house
Sheba pouting at our house.

Of course, our human spoils Sheba when she comes in, because she understands that Sheba is jealous and upset- but that still doesn’t stop Sheba from taking a swipe at her ankles and hissing at her!

Meanwhile, Twilight stays at a distance but when I see Sheba hiss at the Can Opener, I growl at her and she turns and runs outside!

What the heck just happened?


37 thoughts on “The Cat Scoop

    1. Thank you! I really do have awesome kids. I never mentioned to them how I was dreading that day upcoming- but they already knew and had planned a surprise. It really made a world of difference!


  1. Poor Sheba! It’s hard losing your place in the food chain. Purrs and head bonks to your human. The first set of anniversaries without a loved one are the worst. Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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    1. Yes- we feel sorry for Sheba -(okay, I don’t – but the Can Opener does)- because they were just kind of suddenly thrown together- simply because it’s so wet and cold here. Thanks for the purrs- our human has had a difficult couple of weeks.

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    1. So am I. He is SUCH a sweet, affectionate boy- the whole neighborhood fell in love with him. He is so incredibly happy now and is always warm and cozy inside. He definitely deserves a warm, loving home.


  2. We have learned to steer clear of cat politics. And dog politics. And bird politics. It’s painful, but we know they have to work it our on their own. Good job, Sushi, standing up for the Can Opener!

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  3. Glad you didn’t let Sheba be so spiteful to your can opener.

    The first time one hits milestones seem to be the hardest, ast least they were for me.

    Still every October 1, I think back on my Mom’s passing, and then I am grateful that it was not Oc 2 as that is my son’s BD and a couple of my cat angels as well. Then we come to November, and he seventh was my dear Aunt’s BD, the 10th was another Aunt, the 11th was my ‘Oma’s, and the 13th is mine…and it was also my Mom’s…I was her surprise BD gift.
    So then we go a bit further, and the 14th was hi]ubby;s brother’s BD…and this year it falls on Thanksgiving…sheesh!
    All those remembrances make these occasions so bittersweet.

    Good thing that your family and kitties help you get through the hard times…as do my family and friends. It helps hat we do know that our loved ones are in heaven, way better there than here on Earth. Their gain:)

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    1. Yes- these things do make it hard. Especially when it comes close to holidays- but you’re right- it does help having family and friends (and our kitty angels) to help us through it. I’m especially thankful for those who pray for me when i don’t even think to ask. And yes,… our loved ones who have gone on before us to heaven, are truly blessed. But when I stop and think, I realize that even in these times when I feel alone- I can still see so many ways that I am blessed- even in this.


      1. I’m sorry- That was as far as i got in that post- but the reason is because Right after I sat down to start it, my sister messaged me that they were releasing her from the hospital!! 30 minutes later she was HOME!!


      2. I’m so sorry I still haven’t been able to post yet- sister had some bleeding issues this morning that we are waiting to hear back from her doctor about- I will post as soon as I can- prayers appreciated!


  4. Mee-yow there iss alot goin on there Sushi!!!
    Smokey lookss alot like Smokey-Monet one of BellaSita’s foster catss many yeerss ago!
    Poor Sheba iss furry upset.
    Iss shee doin ‘reedirected aggression’ at Missus Cee-O ’cause Smokey iss inn her house??
    Wee hope efurrything calmss down fore efurryone!
    Twilight yore smart to stay well outta THE way 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. Yes poor Sheba it’s really upset- we’re hoping she will eventually accept Smokey- but i seriously doubt it- my sister had a severe “attack” again yesterday- i wasn’t able to post and can’t today either- please include her in your prayers.


      1. Mee so reelates to Sheba Kitty! Mee cuud not have another cat heer with mee…mee two nervuss ’round Kittiess inn REEL Life……
        4 yeerss on THE ‘meen streetss’ will due that to a Kitty 😉
        Wee WILL innclude yore Sistur inn our purrayerss Missus Cee-O.
        What a ruff Autuum so far 😦
        POTP AN ***purrss*** BellaDharma an “purrayerss” an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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      2. Absolutely- how are you doing though? I think of you constantly- and actually all of my readers- it’s just hard sometimes for me to find a good opportunity to post now that doesn’t present itself late at night when I’m already too tired or painful for follow through!

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  5. Mee-yow mee let BellaSita Mum meow to you Missus Cee-O!

    Hello C-O….Thank you for asking after me. Sadly I have been unwell for 2 weeks now: severe Liver & kidney pain. Might even be Gall Bladder too?! I DID make an appointment with Fam Doc for next week….she has not helped me since March, so not sure how things will go.
    I spend alot of time in bed reading or resting. This is NOT what I signed up for!
    I am so sorry your Sister is not well again! It seems like we never stop getting slammed doesn’t it?
    I send prayers & love to you & your Sister & I PRAY she gets better soon!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum

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  6. Wee can only emagine what yore deer Sistur iss goin thru’ Missus Cee-O. Wee due know you must bee furry furry wurried an upset….
    Wee sendin MORE POTP an loadss of pawsitive white lite of healin an purrayerss….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum


    1. Thank you! She had bleeding issues from the artery they went into after coming home- but i think she’s okay now with that- they did warn her she could have another heart attack at any time- but she’s doing everything she can to prevent it- keeping an extra close eye on her- please do keep us in your prayers- it’s very stressful


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