Coffee with Twilight

Okay, so maybe 1:45 is a little late to have coffee- but I need it for this job!

Sometimes being a cat is hard work.

So much is expected of cats these days. It used to be that all we were expected to do is lay around the house in sun puddles and be cute. But in today’s society, we’re expected to chase mice, kill bugs, play on demand, blog, be nice to the psycho cat next door, stay out of flowerbeds, quit scratching the critters that visit, and stay off the counters.

In addition to that, we’re asked to ‘wipe our paws’ when we come out of the litterbox, and not spread kitty litter all over the house. We’re forbidden to walk across the stove, or get in the refrigerator, and we’re not even allowed to scratch the furniture or climb the drapes anymore! And as soon as we finally finish the hard work of spreading our fur everywhere, out comes that stupid electronic beast to undo it all!

Yeah- It’s so depressing! And they wonder why I don’t “exercise!”

And even worse, we can’t leave our presents just anywhere in the house, either. Yesterday I brought a big, fat mouse into the kitchen to surprise the Can Opener with (she’s been needing a lot of extra love lately)- and she was surprised- but she wouldn’t touch it! All that hard work for NOTHING! So, I carried it next door and dropped it on the neighbor’s doorstep as a special thank you to her for all she’s done for the Can Opener lately. And she just flung it into the yard!

I’m feeling so unappreciated lately! Maybe I should’ve gotten myself some nip instead of coffee…


19 thoughts on “Coffee with Twilight

  1. Hiya! Rumble here. Merl and I want you to know you aren’t the only ones feeling under apurrciated! We spend a lot of time patrolling the back yard for chameleons …. and we’re good at catching them BUT when we bring in our prize catch, it either gets released out the front door OR put in the rubbish!!!! Have you ever heard of such waste?!?


  2. That was so sweet of you to get a mouse for the can opener- sorry it wasn’t appreciated. I like it when Emmy brings me one of her toys- maybe try that. XO

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  3. Mee-yow Twilight mee iss sorry Missus Cee-O did not like THE mousie gift….Hu’manss do not understand ’bout our giftiess!
    As mee not alloud to wanduer mee bringss BellaStia Mum mee toyss an shee purraisess mee alot! πŸ˜‰
    Sumtimess wee just gotta humour our Peepss!
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma

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    1. Well I’m glad she praises you! I always bring my toys (in the middle of the night when the Can Opener is sleeping)- and park them right in the doorway of the bedroom to give her a hint when she gets up- to remind her that playing with me is her FIRST purriority (B.C. – BEFORE COFFEE)!


    1. Yes- I’m trying very hard to be patient with the Can Opener because the last couple of months have been really hard- but Holy Flipping COW! A cat needs consideration!! I think I’m going to have to whip her into shape again so she can get her priorities straight!


      1. Meow Twilight purrhapss you shuud give Missus Cee-O sum more time. This losin a Hubby iss a HUGE deel~~~
        Mee knowss this from seein BellaSita Mum cryin late at nite an talkin to Mistur Kevin’ss foto.
        An hee has been inn Purr Land since July 2003.
        Sum nitess, mee not even play toyss with BellaSita Mum. Shee getss too sad an mee playss bye meeself.
        Hu’manss are tendur beeinss! πŸ˜‰ Furry emoshunall πŸ˜‰

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      2. It must bee diffycult Twilight…a..mee nevurr mew (knew) Mistur Kevin or Mistur Paul…..they are both gone. So it iss only meeself an BellaSita Mum.
        Mee can not emagine life WITHOUT BellaSita inn it! That wuud bee so ruff….
        Mee iss furry sorry…..

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      3. Oh I know you don’t even want to think about that possibility- Sushi and I have informed the Can Opener that she needs to get herself a checkup, and keep working out, and keep eating healthy so nothing happens to her too. Too many people need her-(but most of all me and Sushi)! Nobody else would spoil us like she does!


  4. Us furry ones sure have a ton expected from us, as well as all the rules we need to follow…Phooey!

    Petcretary doesn’t appreciate our catching the moles and voles…among other critters, she says something about we make more mess than those beasties do…but we are terriers and we have a dirt digging past to keep up with!

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    1. MOL! Absolutely- It’s like I tell the Can Opener when I bring in a fresh mouse for her- “I DO have a reputation to maintain, you know!” All the other cats around here would lose their respect for me if I quit!


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