Friday Fab Felines

I love this chair, Human. Nobody else gets MY chair!

Cats that are (almost) as fabulous as Me!

It’s been busy around here for the last couple of days, and the Can Opener needs some rest. So, I told Sushi to sleep on the laptop so she couldn’t get online and spend time ignoring us to do her grocery shopping. At least, that was the plan.

Unfortunately, even though Sushi’s a whale, The Human was still able to pick her up. So, we had a long, boring day while she shopped online and then, did her grief counseling, and set up physical therapy appointments, and signed a new lease, worked out, and attacked the house with that electronic beast (AGAIN). I hate that big, noisy thing!

Now she’s in pain, and “can’t” play with us. We knew this was going to happen, but we couldn’t stop her from wanting to “get things done.”

Staying busy helps her deal with grief. But, when is there time to relax and play? So, since I can’t stop her from all this busy- stuff, I just sit and glare at by her and work on my guilt inducing glares. Apparently, she either isn’t noticing, or I’m losing my touch.

So, I consulted some of my cat pals in the neighborhood for ideas on how to distract her from her distractions and get her attention. I found some pals that are (almost) as cute as me. I’ll try some of their ideas and hope for the best!

I wonder what she’d do if I sunk my teeth into her desk drawer like this? Probably would hurt…
Maybe I’ll borrow her blow dryer like this guy did- if that doesn’t get her attention, nothing will!
Hey! This will WORK! Now I wait until she goes to bed….
Now, here’s an idea… If I sit in one of her favorite plants and stare like this, she just may wonder what’s up…
Well, not a bad idea for such a tiny little kitty. I’ll try this next.
And now I wait… She can’t stay awake forever!


9 thoughts on “Friday Fab Felines

  1. Youss’ two Twilight an Sushi???
    BellaSita Mum allwayss sayss “mee gotta get *thingss* dun”!
    Hu’mans sure spend alot of time doin alot of stuff don’t they?
    Mee tried sittin on lappytop on coffetabell an mee gotted a 87 (5) minute leckture….Sumthin ’bout blowin Pee C up with mee fur an ree-settin Zoom settin an other kewl thingss…..
    Mee/wee are furry sorry Missus Cee-O iss inn pain…that iss no fun!
    BellaSita iss bettur durin THE day butt mee sleepss alot durin day. So then at nite time mee iss all bouncey an reddy to go, go, go an shee wantss to go lie down inn bed an reed!!! Most nitess shee will get back up an play Firefly (Lazer toy) with mee….
    Hu’manss are so fragile….. **sighss** BellaDharma

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    1. Our Can Opener gets up early- takes care of us and then takes her purrayer and devotion time- then works out around 11 every morning – then “gets busy” with other stuff. The way we see it she’s “busy” from the moment she wakes up!


      1. Mee-yow wow Missus Cee-O ISS a busy lady fore sure!!
        BellaSita has a weerd schedule. Shee goess to bed aftur 11 Pee Em mewss an reedss; then takess sleep medss an fallss asleep. Shee DOES wake up around 6 A Em to feed mee Brekkie an take tummy med an then goes back to bed till 10 A Em (iff mee letss her!)
        Wee snugell durin mornin coffee most morninss. An wee play toyss while shee watchess THE mewss!!

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