She got the coffee anyway.

Just a few smiles to brighten your day

The Can Opener got her coffee anyway today. We told her she wasn’t allowed to have coffee until she typed for us this morning. It was a great plan we had, actually. I was going to sit in front of the Keuring and refuse to move to let her put her mug there. And Sushi was going to block the path to it, because she wasn’t able to jump up on the beverage station and block it, so we figured, “Hey- She’s never climed a mountain before, so you block the path, Sushi….”

It was actually a great plan. But Sushi didn’t get close enough to the beverage station, so Mom walked around her. And I forgot one minor detail that prevented my successfully stopping her.

She can pick me up. That figures. So she got her coffee, then got to work, without even having time for her morning devotional or workout. There goes my playtime.

Meanwhile, Sushi and I are working on plan B….


8 thoughts on “She got the coffee anyway.

  1. You to rascals, if she didn’t get her coffee, she couldn’t funbtion to write anything! Let alone anything sensible, LOL! But after all the other stuff, well, give her a break…and she’ll cuddle with you. At least we think she will:)

    That was a fun video. Only Groucho could have been in that video, none of the others did that at least very rarely if at all. A pencil maybe. LOL! Minko did pull down a Christmas tree on the table, he was pulling on the bead garland and wanted to have it, so he pulled…whoops!


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